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Animal Wellbeing:

Consultation - $40 per hour

Invest in the health of your pet through:

 D - Diet and Nutrition

  I - Immune Support

M- Mental Stimulation

 E - Exercise

 S - Self Care

Dog Walking:

30 minutes - $30
45 minutes - $35
60 minutes - $40


30 minutes - $30*

45 minutes - $35*

60 minutes - $40  

*Cat visits start at 1 hour. 

In-your-home visit for cats and dogs that include the following services:

  • Potty

  • Play

  • Feed

  • Medications

Visits: Aunty & Me:

Minimum Visit - $20
  • Brush Coat - $10

  • Brush Teeth - $10

  • Clean Ears - $10

  • Trim Nails - $20

  • Pet Escort - $40 per hour

Oils - Essential:

Consultation - $40 per hour

Essential oils:

  • Are safe for animals when used properly

  • May need less medications if your pet is feeling better

  • Being used on your pet, is important information to share with your veterinarian

Crossing Bridges:

Consultation - $40 per hour

Services for the transitions in life from puppyhood to hospice.

Services are designed to:

  • Assist and support the human and the pet
  • Focus on the needs of the pet

    Create an environment that is comfortable and safe

    Promote mental and physical stimulation

    Extend the quality of life of your pet

    Gracefully navigate from supportive care to comfort care

    Additional Services

    • Fluid Therapy: $20

    • Grounding Mat: 15 minutes - $20

    • Light Therapy: 15 minutes - $20 

    Animal Communication:

    $60 per pet

    • The art of Animal Communication is the ability to use telepathy to communicate with your pet.

    • It is my intention to provide the human and the animal insight and information about a situation to bring peace and harmony.


    60 minutes - $50

    Training is:

    • Learning to communicate clear and consistent expectations

    • Teaching English as a second language

    • Understanding body language

    • Creating value for appropriate behavior

    • Designed for you to train your dog or for Aunty Cathy to train your dog for you

    $1 per mile beyond 15 mile radius.

    Disclaimer: When sharing my beliefs with you, it is my intention to inspire you to improve the quality of life for you and your pets. Please consult your doctor or veterinarian to discern what is appropriate for your situation. My services are not a replacement for medical or mental treatment. Results are not guaranteed.

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